How To Cheat on a Proctored Exam

How To Cheat on a Proctored Exam

How To Cheat on a Proctored Exam

Cheating in academics has consistently been a significant issue within the educational domain. According to a study led by Dr. Donald McCabe, 95% of students have confessed to engaging in some form of academic dishonesty, be it during online assessments or homework assignments.The rapid advancement of technology and the widespread integration of e-learning have exacerbated this issue. Despite educational institutions and test centers adapting to the evolving learning landscape by implementing various remote proctoring solutions, students capitalize on their uncertainty and lack of familiarity to exploit loopholes, obtaining higher grades with minimal time and effort. This article will specifically delve into the realm of cheating on online proctored exams, focusing on the TEAS exam using tools like Proctorio and Lockdown Browser, exploring the ten most prevalent methods and offering valuable insights on preventing academic misconduct in the digital environment.

Understanding Proctored Exams for the TEAS Test

A proctored exam for the TEAS test entails constant monitoring by an invigilator throughout the entire examination process. Unlike traditional proctoring methods overseen by a human observer, online tests, particularly for the TEAS exam, rely on either a remote human proctor or specialized AI-based proctoring software to ensure the integrity of the assessment. This is crucial not only for safeguarding academic honesty but also for implementing measures to prevent misconduct, secure testing materials, establish a fair learning environment, and provide essential academic support to test-takers during critical assessments.

The process of proctored online exams, specifically tailored for the TEAS exam, closely mirrors that of traditional in-person tests. Prior to initiating the assessment, individuals aiming to take their TEAS exam must undergo a two-factor authentication process to verify their identity. This typically involves enabling their web cameras, submitting a photo or scan of their ID, and allowing the system to cross-check information from two distinct sources. Once the student's identity is successfully authenticated, and the required equipment is confirmed, they can proceed with the TEAS test. Any attempt at suspicious behavior by test-takers is flagged by the proctoring software. Depending on the software type, it may either alert the human proctor or generate a report for further investigation. Additionally, beyond real-time detection of dishonesty, online proctoring for TEAS exams involves recording all data, facilitating a comprehensive review of exam cases in situations that may warrant further examination or dispute. Online proctoring software can include a wide variety of features. The most common ones include but are not limited to:

Audio and video feeds recording

Facial recognition

Authentication and verification

Blocking browser

Examination content protection

Noise detection

Is Cheating Possible on a Proctored Exam?

The advancement of technology has played a pivotal role in the widespread adoption of online learning, offering both students and academic institutions the advantages of flexibility, scalability, and cost-effectiveness. Nevertheless, as with any progress, technological developments have also given rise to certain drawbacks. The internet and other cutting-edge solutions have significantly increased the accessibility of information, providing students with a greater opportunity to engage in cheating. While educators are actively devising new strategies to uphold integrity in the digital learning environment, students are simultaneously devising sophisticated techniques for cheating on exams.

As Sun Tzu wisely stated, understanding your adversary is crucial for defeating them. Therefore, let's delve into a closer examination of the most prevalent and innovative technical methods employed for cheating on proctored exams, with a focus on ensuring the integrity of exams like the TEAS exam. This insight aims to equip you with the knowledge needed to thwart instances of student dishonesty in the realm of online exams.

Steps To Cheat On Ati Teas Exam and Methods Used to Detect CheatingImpersonation Prevention

Impersonation, where someone else takes a proctored online TEAS exam on behalf of a student, is a common form of misconduct.

To counteract this, enhancing the authentication process with dynamic features like two- or three-factor authentication is recommended.

Utilizing AI-based proctoring software can further aid in detecting suspicious behaviors, noises, and unusual body language.

Advanced Tech Gadgets and Technology:

Modern cheating involves using gadgets and technologies like screen sharing, allowing collaboration in real-time to find answers during online TEAS assessments.

To combat this, adopting proctoring software with a secure exam browser, noise detection, tabs switching detection, and advanced audio and video proctoring is advised.

Virtual Machine Usage

Some students deploy virtual machines as an extra operating system to search for TEAS exam answers undetected.

Automated and AI-based proctoring is suggested to efficiently detect such technical cheating, including suspicious behaviors and extra noises.

External Projector Tricks:

To bypass on-screen activity blocks, students may mirror their desktop screens to an external display for assistance. AI-based proctoring solutions can detect unusual body language and identify additional individuals in the room through video recording.

'Old School' TricksTraditional cheating methods like hidden cheat sheets are less common but still exist.

Both automated and live remotely proctored exams can easily detect these tricks using AI-based proctoring software or live remote proctors monitoring video and audio feeds.

Help from Family, Experts, and Friends:

When taking the TEAS exam at home, some may seek help from friends and relatives.

Innovative proctoring technologies are effective in preventing this form of cheating.

Online Search for Answers:

Students may use the internet to find answers during online proctored TEAS exams.

Blocking browser features in proctoring solutions can detect and eliminate this form of dishonesty. AI-based proctoring can also identify suspicious body movements.

Bathroom Breaks:

Students might misuse bathroom breaks to access notes or seek external help.

To prevent cheating during breaks, limiting break time or requiring students to stay on camera without interruptions is advised.

Sharing Test Content:

Students sharing exam content with others is a common form of academic dishonesty.

Proctoring software with features like blocking browsers can protect exam content from being shared or copied.

Hacking for Correct Answers:

Some students with programming skills may attempt to hack the correct answers using specialized software. Employing robust proctoring solutions can help deter such attempts by monitoring for anomalies in the exam content.

To ensure the integrity of your TEAS exam, incorporating a combination of enhanced authentication measures and advanced proctoring technologies is crucial.

How to Cheat TEAS Exam Safely Without Getting Caught

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